My name is Alyssa, and I'm an actor/writer from New York currently living in Los Angeles. In a world that seems to have become centered around "likes" and filtering (both literally and figuratively), I wanted to create a space that merges my various creative interests with my ambition to live as authentically as possible. 

That being said, welcome to The Filterlyss Life! My sweet lil bloggy. I consider this to be a love and lifestyle blog centered around the mantra: "filter less, live more." It isn't so much about never filtering a photo (because, let's be real, a little bit of filtering here and there isn't a crime) as it is about rooting your life in what genuinely feeds your soul and feels truthful to you. In this texting, selfie-filled age, it urges you to own who you are, regularly check in with yourself and others to follow your truth, and know that life is one big balancing act (so we should find things to belly laugh at as much as possible, ya know?). 

Here you can find:

- some of my deepest thoughts on love + dating + relationships

- some of my meal preps + healthy recipes + fitness advice + workouts


- some of the music I've loved + am currently loving

- some of the traveling I'm doing + am dreaming about

- some of my organic, natural, non-toxic, cruelty-free beauty and home products

- basically...a little bit of everything


Thank you for checking out my page, and I hope you enjoy the content!

- Alyssa Piperis,

Founder of thefilterlysslife.com and the "lyss" in "Filterlyss" :)










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