• Alyssa Piperis

9/13/15-9/19/15: Power Breakfasts and Mexican Bowl

- Slice of Low Sodium Ezekiel toast with avocado mash and pepper

- Mozzarella cheese, tomato, and pepper

- Broccoli and corn scrambled eggs topped with pineapple salsa

- One hardboiled egg cut in half with oregano on top

- Slice of Low Sodium Ezekiel toast topped with organic hummus, tomato, corn, pepper, and a drizzle of honey

- Green Smoothie: Spinach, half a banana, a slice of ginger, almond milk, and waiter

Hot/Cold Mexican Bowl

Warm/Cooked Food:

- Chicken cutlet pieces with cumin and pepper (for spice)

- Sauteed peppers and onions

- Quinoa

Cold/Uncooked Food:

- Spinach

- Corn

- Scallions

- Slices of mozzarella cheese and tomatoes

- Cilantro

- Dollop of pineapple salsa

- Dollop of guacamole

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