• Alyssa Piperis

For When You're Ready to Say "Yes" to Life: A Love Letter to Myself (And You)

This is a love letter I wrote for myself (and you, if you need it). I wrote it, because I work hard, but not nearly as hard as I could be working. I wrote it, because I genuinely care about people and different cultures, but I’m not exposing myself to as many as I could be. I wrote it, because I’ve developed an intense feeling of wanderlust, yet I haven’t fed it. I wrote it, because I’m grateful and happy. And I know, without a doubt, that if I spend my life fiercely pursuing such feelings and emotions, I’ll have lived on the deepest level.


This is for you. Yes, you. GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER. No more excuses and bullshit. You are kind, passionate, creative, loving, curious, adventurous, and bold. You know this. These are tools. Use them. Use everything you have, because you can. Seriously. Don’t you dare shrug or roll your eyes. You care so deeply about life and people and this world, yet you live on such a small scale. DO MORE. BE MORE. EXPLORE MORE. This is tough love, okay? I love you. Know that. I love you, and you love yourself. So, treat yourself better. Use more of yourself. Use more of your knowledge. Use more of your courage. You have an entire toolbox inside of you, but you’ve barely opened it up. Open that freakin’ thing up! A job you hate can lead to a job you love if you learn how to balance. Find the right mixture of hard work, dedication, motivation, and fun. Don’t forget to HAVE FUN. Life can be more fun if you just get your shit together. Stop making excuses. Stop getting in your own way. Be honest with yourself. Move forward. Take baby steps or take giant leaps. It doesn’t matter, but do it. Actually do it. Don’t just say you will. Come up with a game plan if you need to. Make a commitment to yourself or to someone else. Whatever forces you to finally get going. Maybe you’ve tried before. Maybe you never have. It doesn’t matter. JUST DO IT. I promise you, YOU CAN. Make sweet, passionate, dirty love to life. Be sweet. Be passionate. Get dirty. Make a big change. Do something that scares you in the best possible way. Metaphorically squeeze out every last bit of juice life has to offer, and live more fully than you ever have before. I don’t care if you’re scared. I feel for you, and I care about you, but I don’t care if you’re scared. You still need to move. Don’t you dare talk about all your big plans. Don’t talk about the amazing person you’re going to be one day. If you’re not amazing now, no one cares. Be fucking amazing. No excuses. You can still get even better. Cheers to that! There is something new to do every single day. There is something new to be learned every single day. You don’t know everything. You will never know everything. And yet, you can constantly be learning. If you don’t think that’s cool as fuck, you’re on the wrong path. GET ON THE RIGHT PATH. You want to know a secret about the right path? You’ll never know where it’s going to lead, even if you’re on it. So stop worrying and keep going. Don’t just be a good person. Be a great person. Go the extra mile. If others don’t feel genuinely loved and supported by you, you’re failing. You’re not here to fail. STOP. Reevaluate. Life is so much simpler than people make it. Be good. Do good. Be great. Do great. Light a fire within yourself, and use it every day. Use it to love yourself, support yourself, and drive yourself. And use it the exact same way for others. Sometimes your fire will get dim or go out, so you’ll need to use someone else’s to reignite it. That’s okay. Don’t feel ashamed. They’ll need to borrow from you also. Let them, and don’t ever make them feel like shit for it. There’s enough to go around. There’s always enough to go around. If anyone tells you otherwise, they don’t understand life. Don’t become them. Become the person you actually want to be. Do more. Be more. Explore more. Nothing else matters.

So, please, for the love of God or aliens or puppies or your children, or your own damn beautiful soul, go scare the shit out of yourself. You can say "thank you" after.


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