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2017 New Year's Resolutions & Real Talk

Alright, I’m doing it. This is my 2017 New Year’s Resolutions blog post. Basic schmasic, whateverrrr. It’s happening. I’m little bit late, but I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about where I am and what I want to accomplish and set in motion this year. I want to talk my seemingly random assortment of goals out by banging my fingers against this keyboard so I can (hopefully, probably, definitely) hold myself accountable.

I want to continue doing the positive things I started in 2016 and try new things. I want to get out of my comfort zone. I want to be more carefree without being reckless. I want to be open to romance and falling for someone, but not actively try to seek out a relationship, especially through any dating apps (I’ll keep you in my heart, Bumble and Hinge). I want to do things that challenge me and make me uncomfortable, as well as things that relax me and keep me grounded. I want to stop feeling like I have to be this wise-beyond-my-years goody two-shoes all the time. I can be mature and ethical, but I can also be edgy and take more risks. That’s what I want. I want to tilt the scales and dig deeper to find out who I really am and what I really want and need. I have a pretty strong idea of the person I am at my core and the kind of people I want to surround myself with, but I’m more open now than I’ve ever been to just anything. I want to explore myself and life and adventure and other people. Sooo, with that being said, I’m setting some goals—big and small. Big goals are important, because they force you away from settling for mediocrity and give you something greater to always be working towards. But, big goals take a long time to achieve. That’s why small goals are just as important, if not more important. They allow you to experience little victories—hopefully a lot of them—and remind you that the journey always ends up teaching you more than the destination. Small goals lead to big accomplishments, and I like to remind myself daily to be grateful for all the little victories in my life, because they’re leading me to my big ole dreams. Now here we go…

Mind & Body Goals:

  • Push myself harder and get more creative when it comes to my workouts.

After over four years of living on my own in Los Angeles, I’m finally on the right track when it comes to fitness. I get my cardio and lifting in every week, and I go on a lot of nice walks in my favorite parks. I’m so incredibly proud of my commitment and consistency, but if I’m being completely honest with myself, I definitely could make a stronger effort to get to the gym one or two more days a week. I’m making great progress and gaining back my body confidence every day, but I want to keep challenging myself. Instead of getting used to the same routine, workouts, and weights, I want to push myself harder, build my strength, and avoid getting comfortable—all without getting obsessive.

  • Do more things by myself, more often. Go to concerts, have lunch dates, see movies, read in coffee shops, walk around different neighborhoods—and do it all solo.

I’m independent in a lot of ways, but I’ve realized I’m also pretty dependent. On a logical level, I know how nice it is to get out and do things by yourself, because I always feel great when I do. But, it can be really difficult for me to just get myself out the door and be like, “Okay, I’m actually doing it.” It’s almost like there’s this wall in front of me that I can’t get past. Or I get sucked into this social media vortex and decide I have to know where every ‘90s child star is today and what percent poo-obsessed I am according to BuzzFeed (70%). I can proudly say I’ve gotten better lately when it comes to doing things on my own (I recently went to a concert by myself for the first time and had a blast!), but I want to keep pushing myself this year and fuheva.

  • Become more of a morning person.

This is a big one for me. I’ve always had an issue with sleep, and I’m way more of a night person than I am a morning person. The funny thing is, I love mornings. Whenever I have to be up and at ‘em earlier than I normally am, I feel such a strong sense of pride and motivation. But, when I don’t have a commitment to someone else and there’s no real consequence for me not being up early, I become the MVP of the snooze button. It’s not like I sleep in super late, but I don’t wake up as early as I would like to. And I get frustrated with myself, knowing that a few more awake hours a day would be a huge help to me in terms of furthering my goals. So, I need to wake up earlier!

  • Get my skin back on track.

I don’t know why, but my skin decided to break out and go crazy recently. I haven’t dealt with acne and skin issues like this since I was in middle/high school, and I forgot how crappy it feels to have bad skin. It just sucks. After trying to heal it on my own with natural products, I realized it was time to see a professional. Natural beauty is wonderful, and I’m a huge supporter of it, but sometimes it only goes so far. I’m now seeing a dermatologist again at 22— something I haven’t done since I was 17 or 18. I’m trying to figure out what works best for my skin and how to balance some natural products with dermatologist-recommended products. It’s a frustrating situation, but it’s reminded me how important it is to care for your skin and know what you’re doing to it/putting on it. I just can’t wait for the day I feel confident with a fresh, makeup-free face again!

  • Drink more water.

Because it’s just better for everything— energy, skin, hair, kidneys, and overall health!

  • Dive deeper into my spirituality. Meditate. Visit different churches, temples, and places of worship and spirituality.

I want to become more connected to my body and breathing, as well as open myself up more to other ways of life and thought.

  • Run more, and run outside.

I’ve always been an athlete, but I’ve never truly been a runner. When I was in high school, I could run fast and for a while, but I’ve never explored my endurance and pushed myself on my own (growing up I had a coach pushing me). I think running outside scares me a little, because although I can run pretty well on a treadmill, I can barely do a lap outside without feeling exhausted and disconnected from myself. So, I want to challenge myself more when it comes to running outside and in general! I would love to run a marathon of any kind this year and eventually be able to do a half and a full.

Friendship & Relationship Goals:

  • Make a real effort to nurture friendships, old and new. Reconnect with old friends, and make new friends.

This is really important to me. I spent a lot of 2016 focused on my ex-boyfriend and the relationship we had. I don’t regret it, because we were on opposite schedules and wanted to spent most of our little shared free time together. But, I’m a disappointed in myself that I didn’t make more of an effort to build new friendships or nurture old ones while I was in my last relationship. I’ve realized that when I’m in a relationship, my boyfriend becomes my best friend— which he should be. He just shouldn’t be my only best friend. Now that I’m single again, I’m working more at putting myself out there, meeting new people, and reconnecting with old friends. Cheers to that!

  • Don’t actively seek out romantic love. Stay open and vulnerable, but focus on doing what makes you happy, and see where that takes you.

I admittedly was very into dating apps for a while. I used them before and after my last relationship, and I even met my wonderful ex on Bumble (so I have a special place in my heart for it). Although I’ve had a good experience overall with dating apps and met some genuinely awesome people, I don’t think I’m meant to be on any right now. I’ve realized that I don’t want to be seeking out romantic love in any way. I’m open to it, but I’m not actively searching for it. If someone asks me out, cool. If a friend of mine wants to set me up with someone, cool. If I meet a cutie out and about and want to get my flirt on, I’mma be my flirty and forward little self. But, I’ve deleted all the dating apps I had and am happily focusing on doing things that make me feel good. I know the right person will come along when the time is right. The time just doesn’t seem to be now. And I’m very okay with that.

Acting, Writing & Creative Goals:

  • Take a comedy class

I’m a very goofy person with a great sense of humor (if I do say so myself :)), but I’ve always veered towards dramatic roles and projects. Having spent a year in a relationship with a comedian, where I was talking/seeing comedy almost every day, I find myself genuinely missing that world. I loved it, and I want to bring it back into my life. I think taking a good comedy or improv class would be a blast, and I’m dying to get into one once I can afford it. I think everyone should take a comedy or improv class to get out of their comfort zone and just get weird.

  • Perform spoken word

I don’t know exactly why, but this is a goal I’ve had for years, and I really hope this is the year I finally just do it. Gotta start writing some poetry!

  • Start a YouTube channel, and post content regularly.

I’ve been telling myself I’m going to do this for so long, but I get nervous about starting it and then neglecting it, like I originally did with this blog (previously Rawality Times, a neglected space). It can be difficult to create regular video content that’s interesting, but I know I can do it. Now that I’m finally devoting a lot of time to this blog and creating content regularly, I know I want to have a video component of it in the form of YouTube videos. So, my goal here is to set aside time each week (preferably in the daytime when the lighting is killer) to make videos.

  • Read at least one book and/or play a month.

As much as I hate to admit it, social media gets the best of me far too often, and I want to read more than what’s on a screen. I’m off to a great start so far with this goal, so I need to make sure I keep it going!

  • Get into a better groove with my blog, and post content on a consistent basis.

I neglected this blog when it was called Rawality Times, a name I didn’t love or feel connected to. Now that I’ve changed the name and get excited to work on posts, I feel a totally new sense of motivation. I want to keep moving forward and get into a regular groove. I have so many ideas and am planning to connect with other bloggers and photographers in order to create a space I’m increasingly proud of. I’m so excited about all the possibilities and am happy to be starting the year off on such a good note in terms of my blog!

  • Book a paid role in a TV show or movie.

  • Create a stronger network of creative individuals to create content with. And actually create content!


  • Create my own work— write and act in my own short films, skits, etc.

When you’re confident in your talent but aren’t getting enough opportunities to showcase it, you have to start making your own work. It’s time for me to build a team of likeminded creative people, write the stories and characters I want to play and share with the world, and bring them to life. No ifs, ands, or buts. Now’s the time!

  • Watch more movies.

Oldies, classics, newly-nominated, indie, foreign, trashy. More, more, more!

Travel Goals:

  • Visit at least two other states.


  • Go on at least two weekend trips within California.

I’m simply not well-traveled. I have friends that have traveled the world and had the most incredible experiences, and I have yet to do that. But I want to so badly. I want this to be the year I start taking little trips that lead to bigger trips. I want to have those eye-opening adventures I hear about and see pictures of.

Volunteer and Activism Goals:

  • Volunteer more.

I volunteer weekly with a group of young people that I’ve come to love, and I look forward to visiting them every Wednesday night. But, I want to get involved with other organizations and fit more volunteer days and nights into my schedule.

  • Get actively involved with social and environmental causes-- i.e. Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ, global warming.

Because it's simply not enough to be a good person, have a pure heart, and be kind to people. I need to do my research, stay informed, take action, and get on the "front lines," especially during this revolutionary time in U.S. history.

Money & Financial Goals:

  • Make more money through serving, writing, acting, bartending, etc.

  • Focus more on budgeting.

Miscellaneous Goal(s):

  • Break bad habits. Form good habits. Take on a new challenge every month.

This is something I’ve been putting a lot of thought into! I want to challenge myself this year to break negative habits, form positive habits, and try lots of new things. I want to mix things up by doing some five-day challenges (similar to Lucie Fink of Refinery29) and some 30-day challenges. Maybe one week I’ll wake up at 7AM every day and go to the gym to start my days off on a positive note and get more done. Maybe for a whole month I’ll see what it’s like to be vegan. I have a lot in mind and can’t wait to get going with this!

And there you have it! Lots of goals. Lots of reasons for creating these goals. No excuses to make for not getting them done. Let's do this, 2017.

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