• Alyssa Piperis

#filterlysspoetry: "halfway (maybe)"

Maybe I was wrong. Just maybe, Something wasn't missing with us. Something was missing with me. Within me. So many things. But within you, too. Maybe. Maybe I was wrong, And maybe I wasn't. But sweetheart, please know, I'm finding the missing pieces Every single day. Filling the missing spaces And smiling about you, Though crying about you When I'm thinking about you. Every single day. Because sweetheart, I know I want you, Don't want to be without you. But I can't tell you until I know That I won't hurt your heart again. Or get hurt by your heart again, More green than it was red. A fault that's no one's to claim. Two hearts, no blame. So sweetheart, please know Once these pieces become a half And one half turns two, And two halves turn whole, I'll be ready. To give you me, whole. My whole self. My sweetheart, please, Take your pieces, Your halves, Your whole, And meet me halfway. I'll meet you, Whole.

Or maybe I'm just missing you. Who knows.

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