• Alyssa Piperis

#filterlysspoetry: "to know you"

It's a weird realization,

But a welcome one--

That I can love you,

Spend every day with you,

Be yours and you be mine,

And still never know you in your most private moments.

Your moments of aloneness,

When you're singing in your car with no one but yourself;

When you're home alone watching a poignant show or movie,

with tears in your eyes;

When you witness the begging of a homeless man next to a highway exit

and you feel pain hit your heart;

When you hear voices that speak hate and prejudice louder than voices of love and acceptance,

and you feel your blood boil;

When you recall a childhood dream or memory that you can't fully explain

in a way that makes sense to anyone other than you.

But I want you to try.

I want to know you in every moment,

Even if it's impossible.

I want to see you when you're as completely you

as you can only be when you're alone.

And even if that's impossible,

I know we'll share enough beautiful moments together,

in silence, conversation, laughter, and tears,

That will show me exactly who you are in your most private moments,

Even if I never see them.

Because I don't need to see them to know you.

You prove that to me every single day.

And I, you.

The spark is there.

The truth stands.

The search is over.

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