• Alyssa Piperis

#filterlysspoetry: "(she and) you and me and geometry"

if the way she hurt you

made you the person

that has helped heal me,

i want to know all about her.

because i want to know you.

if she's a part of you,

she's a part of me.

it's strange

and utterly normal

and i utterly love you.

for everything you are,

everything you've been,

and all the people

that have shaped you.

because your love,

my love,

has shaped me

in ways so magical

geometry could never explain.

and knowing you feel the same

makes this circle we're floating on

almost as wonderful

as your skin

warm against mine.

so let's get deep.

let's go all in.

no jealousy.

no guilt.

let's try to find

all the words

and stories

and explanations

until we realize...

maybe our bodies

tangled up

into geometrical magic

talk better,

say more,

than we ever could

with just our lips.

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