• Alyssa Piperis

For when your love feels heavy and aimless...

Please know I understand. Every time it feels like no one else does, I do. I know how bittersweet it is to simultaneously crave love that you feel void of and completely overwhelmed by the fierce love that lives in your heart. That's who we are. We worry about miraculously silly things and are ultimately too hopeful to truly worry about anything. But we'll still fight for what we know is right. We lose sleep over thoughts of all the people we share this earth with that we'll never come in direct contact with. The people we've shared beds and secrets and plans with that can't be to us now what they once were. The person we're still waiting for but aren't yet ready for. We hope all these people somehow feel the love that lives in our hearts. And we know they will, somehow. We hope the love we give lives in the trees and follows strangers and lovers and exes into their dreams when we're up too late thinking about everything and nothing and how there is no nothing or everything. We hope the love that everyone else gives and craves shares the trees with our love and follows us into our dreams and silently wipes our tears when we're crying in bed at night over love and loss and heartbreak and all our hopes and fears and wanderlust. And when we feel too numb to cry at all. We want to share a bed with all the love we have and roll over to see it next to us with skin and bones and a face and a heart as big as our own. We want to plant kisses on someone who's as beneficial and crucial to our livelihood as planting trees is. Darling, we feel everything. So just know you're never alone, even when you feel like you are. Know I understand. Know that when you feel the nothingness of numbness, that means you're alive. It's not nothing you're feeling, but so much of everything. I hope you know how lucky that makes you. I hope you take in your pain and then send your love to the trees where mine will be waiting. You don't have to see it to feel it.

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