• Alyssa Piperis

#filterlysspoetry: "the glass you hold"

i've filled a lot of glasses and i've met a lot of people. the wine and the whiskey always went down smoother than the love came up.

i know liquid courage and i know human connection. how deeply you can feel them, how quickly you can lose them, and how easily you can mistake one for the other.

i poured and poured and watched and waited and loved as hard as my heart would let me. but i always knew i had more love to give and more glasses to fill.

and then i poured the glass that you were holding.

at first i filled it with my jokes and dreams and laughter.

and then with my tears and fears and secrets.

now i fill it every day with everything i have and i know, somehow, that i never have to worry about that glass spilling over, no matter how much i pour into it

so let's raise our glasses.

if you do,

i do.

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