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Introducing My First "Try Five": 5 Days of Early Exercise

Hello. Hi. Sup. Gonna get right down to it… Blogging is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Maaajor props to all the hard-working ladies and gents and gender-noncomforming individuals who are consistent and authentic!

Basically, I’m slacking and I know it. I want to create more content and hold myself accountable and push myself out of my comfort zone more than I already do. So, instead of just doing something and then maybe or maybe not blogging about it, I’m going to blog about something (hopefully lots of somethings) and then do it. And then blog some more. I want to put ideas and goals out into the universe so there’s more of a sense of urgency to take action. I feel like I do lots of cool things, both by myself and with other people, but it can be hard for me to sit down and make a post about it. But I want to be better. I just need to make the time.

I want to create interesting content for other people to look at and relate to and learn from. I know how much other people’s blogs and stories and photos and opinions have inspired me and do inspire me, and I want to be a source of that for others. That being said… I’m finally starting my Try Five! I’ve been thinking about this for so long now, and I even mentioned it in my New Year’s Resolutions blog post back in January. This idea was inspired by Lucie Fink, a content creator for Refinery 29, who has her own series called “Try Living with Lucie,” in which she tries out different things for five days at a time and films her experiences. Since I currently don’t have a camera crew at my disposal, hopefully my writing (and maaaaybe some videos?) will be interesting enough. I want to commit to something for five days (at least), share how I feel about it, decide if I want to incorporate it into my lifestyle, and then move onto something else. These Try Fives can be anything from drinking a certain amount of water every day to doing early morning gym sessions to visiting different places in Los Angeles I’ve never been to writing three pages a day to reaching out to someone I’ve lost touch with. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. All for five days. Maybe I’ll even do month-long challenges, like going vegan or not having any alcohol.

Being that it’s Sunday, this is the perfect day to plan my first Try Five! The very first one will be: Five Days of Early Exercise.

This one’s a big one for me, because 1.) I’m so far from being an early morning person, and 2.) I’ve been slacking with my workouts lately.

I get my butt to the gym every week, but I don’t always go as many days as I should. Which is really dumb, because I feel so strong and empowered during and after a workout. And I loooove lifting so dang much. As for the whole “morning person” thing, I’m just not one of them. But I’ve always wanted to be. I wake up in the morning but not super early, and I usually end up checking things on my phone for a while before really starting my day. Once I’m up, I have lots of good me time, but I can definitely fit more into my days than I currently do. I just love the idea of getting out of bed early in the morning and starting the day off with a good workout. For me, that’s so, so, so much easier said than done, especially because I mostly work nights and don’t have to be up at any certain time. BUT I know it’s doable, and I can train myself to be a morning workout badass if I make the effort.

So, the game plan is to be up by 7am and at the gym or park by 8am. I’ll set however many alarms it takes for me to get my butt out of bed, and I’ll set my workout clothes aside the night before if I need to. Starting tomorrow (Monday, 9/18), it’s five days of early exercise! Whether that means cardio and/or weightlifting at the gym or a solid walk in the park, I better be up and at ‘em between 7am and 8am. Here we gooooo!

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