• Alyssa Piperis

#TryFive: 5 Days of Blog Content

Before this day ends, I want to make sure I set another #TryFive in motion since I benefitted a ton from last week's 5 Days of Early Exercise. After a weekend of sleeping in (even though I told myself I'd wake up early), I thought I'd struggle to get out of bed this morning, a Monday, and be back to my old ways, buuuut I got up around 7am! I moved very slowly this morning...mostly because I had a lot of jumbled thoughts about the Las Vegas shooting and was trying to write down (slash type out) everything that came to me. So, I think that's a fairly valid excuse. The fact that I was able to push myself, though, showed me I can become a morning person (or a mostly morning person, at least) and have more hours in the day to be productive in different areas.

This week I want to focus on creating blog content. I want to make a new post on here every day this Monday through Friday to get myself into the habit of consistency. I feel like I post to Instagram and treat that almost as my blog and I end up neglecting this piece of the Internet that I've invested money and time into. I want to make it more of a home for me. I have so many photos on Instagram and in my phone, as well as poems and articles and notes that I've either started or finished that I haven't posted for no good reason. So, this Monday through Friday I'm committing to posting one piece of content a day on here. If I have nothing planned, I'll just start typing and see where I end up.

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