• Alyssa Piperis

#filterlysspoetry: "we'll still be friends."

* I have a bunch of poems I wrote months ago that I never posted, so I'm finally sharing them on here. :)

"we'll still be friends."

that's the lie we didn't mean to tell. we meant well just like we always did. now we're two truthful people telling big little lies instead of lying our bodies down and whispering every sweet truth.

now i text you every so often to keep in touch, to talk to my friend. but we both know that's not what you are. so how am i always surprised that i feel more and more empty with each unfulfilling reply?

i'm just a person texting a stranger i used to share a bed with. but we both know we shared more than just a bed.

and now we can't even share a conversation without feeling like two blind ghosts floating aimlessly past each other.

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