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#TryFive: 5 Days of Posting from the Archives

Another Monday is upon us! Hey wassup hello.

Just like when I started my last #TryFive, I don't want to let this Monday come and go without putting another one out into the universe. I was actually inspired to keep going with these Try Five posts by a guy I went on a date with on Tuesday night (shout to you, if you're reading this!). Although I didn't feel the romantic spark, I had a nice date with someone new, and this someone showed a genuine interest in wanting to see me continue this series on my blog. He had Internet stalked me a bit before our date (I've done my fair share of pre-date Internet stalking in my young life, so props to everyone who shamelessly owns that they do it) and read through a good amount of my blog posts, which I really appreciate. I like knowing someone cared enough to read through my thoughts and experiences and heartbreaks and goofy musings. Let's be real here: If every guy I dated had a blog, I'd be alllll up in their Internet space. I gotta see what my fellow humans are about if I'm tryna decide if I want to kiss their face and support their dreams for life, ya know?

Aaaaanyway, here we are. "Archives" is in the title of this Try Five, but this week's goal is basically just to post something I already have typed up, either in the Notes section of my phone or in a document on my computer. I often get overwhelmed by all my thoughts and article ideas, and I end up with pages upon pages (virtually speaking, of course) of everything from one-line thoughts and ideas to several paragraphs of word vomit on a particular topic to poetry to half-written articles. It can be really hard for me to pick up the pieces and finish what I started and figure out what unfinished piece of writing I should mix with another unfinished piece of writing. Soooo, this week I'm going to post something every day from Monday to Friday that lives in my figurative "Unfinished" pile. I'll either just post a piece of writing as is, or I'll add to it (and hopefully finally finish it).

You can click here for my Day 1 of Posting from the Archives. I ended up finding an old Louis C.K. quote deep in the Notes section of my phone, and with everything going on in the news right now with him, I wrote about my controversial thoughts on it.

Day 2 of Posting from the Archives: A post-breakup poem I found in my phone and made some light edits to. This was technically posted on day 3, Wednesday, but I was out late Tuesday night after improv class/hanging out with a classmate, so I didn't get to post that day. I'll make up for it with two posts one day this week. :)

Day 3 of Posting from the Archives: "My 13-Word Love Stories the 'New York Times' Didn't Use"

* Update: Okay, I admittedly fell of the wagon with this one. Oops.

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