• Alyssa Piperis

#TryFive Redo: 5 Days of Early Exercise

It's past midnight, and I should be getting my tush to bed if I'm going to actually wake up early and start my week off right, but I just got home from a late-night showing of Lady Bird (second time seeing it, and it makes my heart so dang happy!) after seeing an improv show, and I want to post this little babe and get it out into the universe, because that's what helped me follow through last time I did this. My usually kickass immune system has been kinda poopy lately ("poopy" is a technical term, trust me), so I've been extra tired and going hard on the snooze button. Needless to say, I've been feeling a little shitty as a result and want to push myself this week. I want to be up and doing something active by 8am every day, Monday through Friday. So, assuming my willpower comes through for me (or I'm just motivated by my new Nikes I bought and am obsessed with), I shall be at the gym, on a walk in the park, or at my favorite secret hiking/reading spot in the AMs this Monday through Friday, and hopefully beyond that. I have emails I need to write and respond to, as well as articles I'm working on and a Johnny Cash biography I've been a slowpoke reading through, so I want to make more time in my day for those things...even though there's a very good chance the early mornings will have me napping in the afternoons. Buuuut, gotta start somewhere! SO, fingers crossed my willpower comes through. To be continued...

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