• Alyssa Piperis

#filterlysspoetry: "baggage."


don’t throw it away.

i know it’s heavy.

i know

you were carrying it

long before

you made room for me

inside the chambers

of your heart;

long before

you showed me that

my home is a person

and that person is you.

but look at me.

my arms are open.

whenever you feel

it’s weighing you down,

hand me something.

any something.

any amount of somethings.

i know it’s all so heavy.

but listen to me.

it’s no longer yours

to carry alone.

i’ve made room for

every last bit of it

inside this safe space

you can call home.


just in case

it doesn’t go

without saying,

bring your bags inside.

your home is a person,

and that person is me.

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