• Alyssa Piperis

#filterlysspoetry: "things you said when you were drunk"

i don’t think you remember, but

“baby” slipped off your tongue

and you invited me on that trip

you’re going on.

i had forgotten

how damn comforting

that one stupid word is.

your eyes found me

no matter where i was in the room,

and it made my heart race.

i had forgotten

what it feels like

when your heart races

because you’re hopeful,

not hopeless.

it’s been sixteen days, and

i’m too scared to remind you.

not because i don’t want any of this,

but because i think i want all of it.

and when i say “i think”

i mean “i know.”

i know i want all of it,

and i know that i’m terrified.

and so long as it never happened,

you can’t take it back.

things you said when you were drunk - alyssa piperis

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